When is the Edmonton Whisky Festival (EWF)?
Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 from 7.00 – 10.00 P.M.

Where is the Edmonton Whisky Festival held?
In the Grand Ballroom at the Delta Edmonton South
4404 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6H 5C2

How do I order EWF tickets?
Tickets will be available for purchase on November 1, 2018. More information coming soon.

How much do tickets to EWF cost?
VIP Hour Tickets $175 (100 tickets available)
Regular Admission Tickets $90
Regular Admission + Masterclass $115 (limited spaces)

What do I get for the price of a regular admission ticket?
You’ll receive a commemorative Glencairn whisky glass, an event program, a gourmet buffet throughout the evening and, of course, over 175 whiskies to sample. You can enter to win a bottle of whisky a month for a year and bid on a number of whisky-themed silent auction items. The evening’s festivities will also include music and Irish dancers.

What’s the difference between a Regular admission ticket and a VIP ticket?
In addition to what Regular admission ticket holders receive (above), VIP ticket holders gain admission to the ballroom a full hour prior to regular admission 6.00 – 7.00 P.M and each VIP attendee will also receive a goodie bag. With limited ticketing, and the extra hour of time in the ballroom, you can get the most out of this additional hour, having more time to talk with the distillery representatives. Some exhibitors will pour something extra special that’s available only during the VIP hour. These VIP hour whiskies are provided at the discretion of the distillers in extremely limited quantities, and as such, we cannot guarantee that every VIP whisky will be available to all VIP attendees. There are 100 VIP tickets available.

Do you sell tickets at the door?
We do sell tickets at the door, if any are remaining. We strongly advise that you order your tickets in advance.

What is a Masterclass?
As part of a small group of 20-25 people you will have the opportunity to sit down in a break out room on the first floor and focus on a number of whiskies from one particular distillery or listen to an expert on a particular genre within the world of whisky. All classes run from 6.30 – 7.30 P.M. Tickets available on November 1, 2018.

Should I have a game plan?
Absolutely! Take a minute to study your program and decide which whiskies of the 175 being shown you have to try. You can only seriously taste and analyze a few before palate fatigue sets in. The key to surviving any event involving alcoholic spirits is not to over indulge, practice quality over quantity. You can help yourself by drinking lots of water during the tasting and having a solid meal before the event.

Should I wear perfume / after shave?
One of the joys of any whisky event is nosing whisky in the glass to identify the subtle and delicate aromas. These delicate aromas can be completely over powered by perfume, cologne and after shave worn on your own person or even by somebody else some distance away. Please refrain from wearing any scent for the duration of the Festival and advise your guests accordingly.

Is there parking at the hotel?
The hotel does have free parking available however, we encourage the use of public transportation and cabs. Better yet, stay at the Delta Edmonton South for the night.

Can I get a preferred rate to stay at the Delta?
Yes. Stay at the Delta Edmonton South for the night for a reduce rate on a room, tell them you’re attending the “Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada – 2019 Whisky Festival” Make reservations at:
Phone: 780-434-6415
Fax: 780-436-9247
Reservations: 1-888-890-3222

What should I wear to EWF?
Most commonly, business or business casual attire. Please feel free to wear a kilt if you have one or rent one from our friends at Scottish Imports!

Do I need to bring a glass with me?
There’s no need to bring a glass with you. A Glencairn crystal commemorative nosing glass will be provided to you at registration. It’s yours to use for the evening, and to take home with you.

What if I lose my nosing glass?
If you lose your nosing glass, we’ll have wine glasses available in the Grand Ballroom. Sorry, we cannot replace any lost or broken nosing glass.

There’s a whisky on the list that I want to be sure to try. How can I find out which booth is pouring it?
The booklet you receive on entering is set out alphabetically by the local agent / importer responsible for that distillery. The tables in the ballroom follow that list in a clockwise direction. Each table is marked with the name of an agent / importer.

Do I need to purchase drink tickets to be able to taste the whisky I want to try?
Through the purchase of your General Admission ticket, you will receive 30 sampling tickets. For each sample that you take, you will give the vendor one sampling ticket. If you go through all 30 sampling tickets, you can purchase more at the rate of 1 ticket for $2.75 (as per AGLC regulations).

Should I keep my ticket stub?
Absolutely! Bring your stub into Vines Wine Merchants by the end of April 2019 to receive a 10% discount or $10 off, whichever is the better deal on a whisky purchase.

Is there a coat check available?
There is a coat check available at the event for a small donation. All donations will go to the MS Society.

May I bring my briefcase with me?
Backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, or any other such items, are not permitted inside of EWF. You will be asked to leave them at the coat check.

Will there be food available?
Food is provided throughout the evening, including beef on a bun and haggis sausage rolls.

When I discover a new whisky that I love at EWF, can I buy a bottle of it right there?
EWF is a tasting event only. Order forms will be available at each table for the whisky(s) that agent is presenting. Customers can fill them in there and then with their name and phone number and Vines Wines will order them for you the following week. Please note: your ticket stub (when presented at Vines Wines before the end of April 2019) entitles you to a 10% discount or $10 off (whichever is better) your whisky purchase.

I have a suggestion on how to improve the event. Who do I contact?
You may contact the event manager, Steve Richmond by emailing info@vineswinemerchants.com.